A taste for the good things in life

Fragrances and flavours belong to very different domains but to similar dreamscapes. The ability to realize a personal conception of a scent or a meal in precise concrete form is common to both worlds, perfumery and gastronomy. But whether perfumer or chef, the quest is to find the finishing touch, the flourish that makes the end product sublime. These luxury financier cakes are the fruit of collaboration between two men who have combined talents to create an exceptional product that mirrors their personalities.

Limited Edition : 2 selections of 5 original flavours
GingerbreadAlmond Milk & Cinnamon
Honey, Saffron & ThymeCitrus Fruit & Cardamom
Pink PeppercornsMint & Vietnamese Pepper
LiquoricePraline & Cocoa Nibs
Coffee & CorianderChocolate & Basil

John-Paul Welton dreams about and develops bespoke floral fragrances in Grasse. His range of perfumes has already captivated premium international customers.
Nicolas Rivière, a young chef who has attracted considerable attention worldwide, is delighted to share his enthusiasm and know-how, acquired over the years with some of the world's top chefs.
The fruitful collaboration between these two passionate personalities provides a hint of the gourmet delights they have in store for us.

Products available upon request.www.nicolasriviere.be