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Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

I did not think my second post would be a sad one. After so many years, you almost believed that Karl Lagerfeld would be always with us.

Life is full of surprises: good and bad. I did not think this sad news would move me as much as it did. The truth is that Karl Lagerfeld was a father figure for me.

Spending time with him working on his scented candles collection was such a privilege. I cherish those memories. There are not enough words to express my sadness. He was such an icon, I know that many people are feeling the same way and sharing this grief.

He was one of a kind, so talented and hard working person.

John-Paul Welton

Personal Note
Personal Note

To mark this New Year, it is with great pleasure that I launch this blog !

Best wishes to all our readers : lovers of perfumes, scents, minimalist aesthetics, design ... It is exciting and motivating to see that our House of Perfumes appeals to a growing clientele!

Young daddy for over a year now, this joyful event has totally changed my vision of life. I am sure that many parents share my opinion ;) Every day I am amazed by this little one who discovers life.

I always dedicate a lot of time to creating our collections, our perfumes while making a point of honor to spend quality time with my family : a real pleasure ! Not easy to balance !

For this reason, I decided to gradually open, through this blog, the doors of our House of Perfumes, to share in preview information about the novelties, our projects ... to be closer to our customers.

I take this opportunity to announce that exceptionally, we will not exhibit at the next session of January 2019 of Maison & Objet - Paris.

Our team is available by email to advise you, assist you in your future orders.

May this year be beautiful and rich in discoveries for all !

John-Paul Welton