Invitation to an Olfactory Journey


John-Paul Welton is delighted to present the latest collection of Eau de Parfum, which is an invitation to an olfactory journey.

These seven fragrances are inspired by his travels, the emotions felt at a specific moment, the beauty of a place : Italy, Egypt, Middle-East, Spain….  This work is very intimate.

“Bois de Babylone”     Woody - Leather blend

“Essence de Bois Précieux”     Woody - Oriental blend

“Jasmin Sacré”     Floral - Fresh - Oriental blend

“Iconic Amber Oud”     Oud - Spicy - Amber blend

“Rose Empire”     Floral - Spicy - Woody blend

“Oud Inspiration”     Woody - Amber blend

“Secret Amber”     Floral - Musky blend

Let's share the extracts of his travel diaries, which are the creative impulse to work on each perfume.


Illustrations by the French artist Ccil