This particular range of perfumery is an alliance of premium bouquets of scents and elegant design, enhanced by a contrast of black and chrome.

Each perfume in the Onyx collection has a personality of its own and lots of character!

Discover the notes of each parfume in the Onyx collection, available in Scented Candles and Home Fragrance Diffusers :

"Black Onyx"     Citrus - Woody - Spicy

"Fleur d'Ambre"     Amber - Floral - Woody

"Sweet Ritual"     Vanilla - Oriental - Musky

"Nirvana"     Fruity - Floral - Musky

"Bois Précieux"     Oriental - Woody

"Majestueuse Orchidée"     Floral - Fruity

"Harmony"     Floral - Woody - Musky

"Secret Amber"     Floral - Amber - Musky

"Himalaya"     Citrus - Floral - Powdery

"Mediterranean Paradise"     Citrus - Green - Fruity

"Imperial White Musk"     Floral - Woody - Musky

"Intense Wood"     Woody - Spicy

"Musc Noir"     Floral - Musky

"Feu de Joie"     Woody - Spicy

"Jardin Particulier"     Floral - Amber - Powdery



Beautiful glass containers gilded with gold leaves.

Available in Large Scented Candles and XL Home Fragrance Diffusers :

"Soleil d'Or"     Powdery - Musky

"Sumptuous Spices"     Spicy - Sweet