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New Perspective

John-Paul Welton and son - New Perspective

As you all know I love my work, the fragrance world is so vast and rich, I am grateful to be able to learn about new raw materials, new formulas and new possibilities when creating my perfumes. Of course, being surrounded by a great team, wonderful partners (Vincent R.) and a supportive wife for so many years have been fundamental to my inspiration.

Beside my work, my new job as a young father is the best… Watching this little one grow is such a joy !
We experience so much laughter on a single day.
Like any other parent, I am full of praise for my son : curious, good observer, always happy, we spent a great moment together when I got to work on new perfumes.
Sharing my passion with him is a great pleasure, so unique. Time flies so fast, I try to put all those fleeting moments into memory.

Since he was born, we have always let him discover scents step by step : it could have been nature scents from the garden : flowers, trees, food and of course my tea collection : what a delight ! From a very young age he was able to let us know which one he liked or disliked. He picked the tin of the teas he likes to smell the most, making the cutest little faces.

Being curious is a great way to learn, it opens the mind to the world and to other people. By sharing what I do, my work, my passion with my son, I wish I will arouse his curiosity in a fun way.

By the end of the work session, he was so happy to be part of it that he was not willing to give up his chair yet !
Is the future assured ?

John-Paul Welton