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Invitation to an Olfactory Journey



Refined and contemporary elegance defines the signature codes of the distinctive Fragrance House WELTON LONDON.
Be invited to a unique olfactory journey with exquisite collections of perfumes and home fragrances.




John-Paul Welton

John-Paul Welton


Perfume is the luxury product par excellence. Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes, the bouquet of scents chosen with immense care.

During his many trips to the Middle East, John-Paul Welton fell in love with the local culture in which fragrance played such an important role.

Guided by his passion for perfume, he works in Grasse, in the south of France, city selected for its worldwide reputation in perfumery.

It is this creative spirit that drives Welton London - one of the few perfume companies that has remained independent.

John-Paul Welton manages the House of Welton by following his instincts.






Unparalleled expertise is vital to ensure products of the finest quality and for this reason; the House of Welton chose to create all his collections in France, country known for its exceptional know-how.
Welton London is committed to offering the best quality to the clientele.

The fragrances are sophisticated yet subtle; John-Paul Welton worked on each one for months, selecting the best raw materials.
In each of his olfactory creations he reveals an aspiration, an atmosphere, a memory…
This is the result of precise and careful work, where every detail is important.

Perfume Laboratory in Grasse - France

Perfume Laboratory in Grasse - France


All the products are made in France.
The candles are made in an artisanal way to ensure the best diffusion of the fragrance.

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The signature collection inspired by the semi precious stone : Onyx, displayed in an ice cube floating in the air.

This luxury line of sophisticated home fragrances has a distinctive cubic design, where glimpses of light are revealed in the corners of the glass. The metal plaque puts a stamp on the containers, creating a stylish and contemporary effect.




The House of Welton is well known to create olfactory signatures for famous fashion houses and has worked on projects, designing and producing home fragrances, always pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

The Christian Lacroix Maison collections are incredibly luxurious; the lace-like paseo motif stands out on the containers, and the materials complement the satin perfectly.

Karl Lagerfeld came up with the idea of a candle bearing his silhouette and likeness; the result is “Candle Karl”. The humorous candle reflects the playful spirit of its creator.
John-Paul Welton enjoyed the task immensely - it was exactly the type of creative challenge that he relishes.