Mystique Myrrhe - Limited Edition – Welton London




MYSTIQUE MYRRHE embodies Parisian charm combined with the opulence of this enchanting resin...

This raw material with warm tones is wrapped in a touch of coffee extract and dazzling spices: a magnificent black pepper and pink pepper.

A “high-tech” oud combined with cocoa extract infused in oak barrels brings a modern lift to this sweet heart where vanilla and iris intertwine harmoniously. 

Paris, the inspiration behind Mystique Myrrhe perfume extract


Inspired by "the City of Lights", this perfume celebrates myrrh in all its splendor. 
 Captivating, the city vibrates and awakens our curiosity!
Picture yourself on a terrace, contemplating Paris while sipping an espresso, enveloped in this delicious myrrh.

MYSTIQUE MYRRHE reveals a sumptuous gourmand spicy blend


Myrrh, known for its rich and warm scent, holds deep symbolic meaning dating back to ancient times. The resin has been used for centuries in fragrances symbolizing tradition, spirituality.
Adding a touch of mystique in perfume, myrrh evokes the essence of the enchanting Middle East.
myrrh warm, rich, oriental perfume ingredient

Keep your perfume bottle forever. Innovative, the refill allows you to effortlessly reuse your empty perfume bottle


Innovative, the refill allows you to effortlessly reuse your empty perfume bottle. It features an auto-stop system that automatically halts the filling process once the bottle reaches its maximum capacity.

Experience sustainability and convenience like never before with this easy-to-use refill option.

The refill is not for use alone.

Paris, the city of lights, inspired Mystique Myrrhe famous bridge over the Seine Pont des Invalides

 "This creation takes inspiration from the idea of showcasing myrrh, a beautiful raw material treated in a modern way while preserving the heritage of fine French perfumery and craftsmanship.
I have captured the ambiance of a particular moment: lounging on a terrace café, gazing out upon the beautiful cityscape of Paris, where the essence of oud papyrus blends with warm, balsamic tones of myrrh."

Vincent Ricord perfumer

Perfumer Composer


This Exclusive Limited Edition comes in a luxurious wooden box, with a magnetic opening.
Le Carnet - Invitation to an Olfactory Journey – is a complimentary notebook under the tray inviting you to share and write your diary.

The new 50 ml eco-designed perfume bottle is adorned with a metallic plate engraved with the fragrance name. The beautiful golden bottle is refillable; allowing you to keep it forever.
The spray pump unscrews manually to top up the bottle with an easy-to-use refill.

This bottle is compatible with Welton 100ml refill of the same perfume only.