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luxury scented candle black cubic design minimalist style citrus woody spicy scent high quality home fragrance to match your interior


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Citrus - Woody - Spicy

Bold, highly intoxicating ….

Woody concoction opening with fresh bergamot, solar Seville orange, sparkling crushed pink pepper. The heart radiates with a luminous jasmine married with patchouli and cedar wood. An exquisite woody background deepens the scent with glints of vetiver, teak and amber.

Classic Candle - 170g

Olfactory Pyramid

Top : Bergamot – Seville Orange – Pink Pepper
Heart : Jasmine – Patchouli – Cedar
Base : Vetiver – Teak – Amber

More Information

Classic wax, 100% cotton wick.
10 % fragrance.
Glass Container.
Estimated burning time : 40 hours.
Made in France
Hand made
Original fragrance created in Grasse – France by John-Paul Welton

This candle is hand-made and has been carefully crafted for your well-being with organic substances, which may give an uneven appearance but a mark of its authenticity.

Care Instructions

How to take care of your Luxury Candle ?
Let the candle burn until the whole surface becomes liquidised before extinguishing the candle.
Once you have put the candle out, make sure that the wick is straight and properly centred.
If necessary, reposition the wick vertically to its original place.
Cut the wick down to 0.5 cm before lighting again.
Ensure wick is trimmed regularly to ensure a regular burning.
This will ensure that your candle burns efficiently, with no smoke.
A candle alight must always be watched at all time.

Safety Instructions
Read label before use.
Keep out of the reach of children, animals and flammable materials.
Do not let the candle burn unwatched.
Place on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
Do not burn the candle to the very end.
Extinguish the candle when it gets within 1.5 cm of its holder.